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Web Designer Job Description

Job Overview
The Web Designer is responsible for creating the look and feel of the website. This involves developing a graphic design that effectively communicates the ideas being promoted by the Company.

Duties and Responsibilities
- To design Websites and ensure that they are visually effective and easy to access
- Liaising closely with the customer or client at the design stage to answer questions such as: why is the site needed, who is the target audience, who are the leading competitors
- Advising the client on the categories and information needed to construct the site
- Designing a draft site for client approval or modification
- Develop and maintain the company’s intranet that will provide an accurate and immediate source of information to all employees
- Promote websites using search engine optimisation techniques
- Writing web pages in a combination of codes such as hypertext mark-up language (HTML), JavaScript, PHP and Flash
- Design and distribute newsletters and other documents relating to the website and the intranet
- Conduct presentations, internally and externally, to promote the company web site and intranet
- Testing the web sites for functionality in different browsers and at different resolutions
- To upload the websites on to the Internet

Skills / Attributes Required
- Previous Web Design experience
- Proficient working knowledge of standard design software including Adobe & Macromedia packages (Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Flash)
- HTML programming experience
- Excellent client facing skills
- Attention to detail
- Art, Design or Media based Honours Degree

Typical Salary Range: £24,000 to £35,000